In the last decade, the market for sold out prints and lithographs has changed dramatically for virtually all artists. Historically, galleries that represented an artist and sold his or her works would also deal on a commission basis with the secondary market for collectors wishing to sell pieces from their collections.

With the arrival of the internet and auction services like E-Bay, this market for sold-out works has moved on-line and now transactions – and the establishment of values – are made directly between individual buyers and sellers.

Since, as publishers, we have never been active in the secondary market, we are not in a position to provide accurate collector values. The collector value list that we provided years ago was based on values from various galleries around the country. But with the shift of the art market to on-line transactions, that information is no longer available to us.

We do not give values or appraisals. We do not purchase art.

Thank you for your understanding.
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