Welcome to our interest and fee free layaway. It works as follows: Select the image you would like to purchase, Email us your phone number and shipping address at _____________________.
We will call you to arrange your 20% deposit and payment schedule you can afford. The image will be held for you until the last scheduled payment and shipping cost are received. Once paid in full the image will be shipped to you or the person of your choosing as a gift. All receipts will be mailed to you as payment is collected. All money collected during the payment plan and initial deposit is considered deposit on the item. Deposits are nonrefundable and forfeited if a payment is missed without prior approval from us. There is a three day grace period on payment date. The image price is determined by the price of the image at the time it enters the layaway program. If it is on sale you can layaway it at the sale price. If the image goes on sale afterward you are responsible for the image at the agreed upon price at the time of the layaway. If you have any questions feel free to email us at the above email. All sales are final.
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